We have a robust pipeline that demonstrates the breadth and depth of our science.

IGM pipeline

IgM Antibodies and Oncology

By developing IgM antibodies, we have opened up new approaches to target cancer. We are applying the power of avidity and the strong and durable binding of our IgM antibodies to create new treatment options. Our initial efforts in oncology are focused on three broad applications of IgM antibodies: harnessing them to engage T cells to kill cancer cells, activating receptors to induce programmed death of cancer cells and delivering immune stimulating cytokines to the tumor microenvironment.

Currently we have a clinical stage T cell engager program for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) a clinical stage receptor cross-linking agonist program for solid and hematological malignancies and a preclinical targeted cytokine program for solid and hematological malignancies.

IgM Antibodies and Infectious Disease

In addition to oncology, we are also developing our high affinity, high avidity IgM antibodies for the possible prevention and treatment of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. IgM antibodies are part of the body’s first line of defense against infection, notably playing very important roles in the sinus and in the lung. Our preclinical research shows that by engineering IgM antibodies with high specificity, affinity and avidity, we have the potential to produce potent treatments that may be more effective than IgG antibodies at neutralizing viruses. By using the 10 binding units of an IgM antibody (vs. the two binding units of an IgG) we can coat or cover viruses and neutralize their ability to infect cells and hopefully prevent serious disease.

IgM Antibodies and Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases

Antibody treatments have revolutionized outcomes for patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and others. We are also  committed to exploring how the unique structure and binding properties of our IgM platform can improve outcomes for patients with these serious conditions.

Research & Discovery at IGM

Our ability to develop engineered IgM antibodies against various targets allows for a broad and differentiated product pipeline. We have robust research and pre-clinical development plans for our IgM antibodies in cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Clinical Trials

With our new class of medicines, we are conducting clinical trials for our initial product candidates to evaluate the potential benefit of these novel treatments in patients.

Expanded Access

IGM Biosciences recognizes that some patients with serious or immediately life-threatening diseases may not be eligible for participation in a clinical trial and may have exhausted all available treatment options. Subject to internal review and approval based on the conditions described in IGM Biosciences’ Individual Patient Expanded Access Policy, IGM Biosciences may grant individual patients access to an unapproved or investigational product outside of a clinical trial setting through our Individual Patient Expanded Access (IPEA) program. IPEA requests are sponsored by a healthcare professional and applies only to therapies under an active Investigational New Drug (IND) application.

For more information, please read our Individual Patient Expanded Access Policy.