IGM-7354: IL-15 x PD-L1 

IGM-7354 leverages our IgM bispecific technology to create an 1L-15 immune cell stimulating antibody which is targeted to PD-L1 expressing cells, such as cancer cells, with a high avidity, high affinity PD-L1 binding IgM antibody.

In this application of our bispecific technology, the immune stimulating IL-15 is attached to the J chain of an anti-PD-L1 IgM antibody, which serves to display  the immune stimulating IL-15 on the surface of PD-L1 positive cells, such as cancer cells.

IL-15 displayed on the J Chain of an anti-PD-L1 IgM antibody

Targeted delivery of IL-15 is intended to increase the efficacy of IL-15 delivery by presenting IL-15 in a cell-to-cell display and by enhancing immune system activity in the area of the target, such as a cancer cell, while potentially reducing the systemic toxicities of cytokine therapy.

IL-15 presented to an NK or CD8 T cell by a PD-L1 expressing cancer cell