SITC Poster: IGM-7354 is an anti-PD-L1 IgM antibody and IL-15 cytokine fusion that enhances NK and CD8+ T cell proliferation and tumor cytotoxicity plus potently reverses T cell exhaustion

SITC 2021 –  The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 36th Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs   
November 12-14, 2021

Thierry D. Giffon; Melanie Desbois; Dean Ng, Ph.D.; Poonam Yakkundi; Marigold Manlusoc; Miho Oyasu; Rodnie Rosete; Daniel Machado; Susan Calhoun; Tasnim Kothambawala; Avneesh Saini; Beatrice T. Wang, PhD; Maya Kotturi; Bruce A. Keyt, PhD; Angus M. Sinclair, PhD
IGM Biosciences, Inc., 325 E Middlefield Road, Mountain View, CA 94043

SITC 2021 IGM-7354_Poster 711

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