Abstract: Mechanistic evaluation of anti-DR5 IgM antibody IGM-8444 with potent tumor cytotoxicity, without in vitro hepatotoxicity

AACR Annual Meeting – April 10-15, 2021
Regular abstract titles, authors, and text released – March 10, 2021

Beatrice T. Wang, Tasnim Kothambawala, Kevin C. Hart, Xingjie Chen, Melanie Desbois, Susan E. Calhoun, Poonam Yakkundi, Rodnie A. Rosete, Yuan Cao, Katie Cha, Thomas J. Matthew, Ling Wang, Paul R. Hinton, Maya K. Leabman, Genevive Hernandez, Maya F. Kotturi, Eric W. Humke, Angus M. Sinclair, Bruce A. Keyt

IGM Biosciences, Inc., 325 E Middlefield Road, Mountain View, CA 94043


2021 AACR Abstract IGM-8444

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