Who We Are

IGM is pioneering the development of the IgM class of antibodies as therapeutic treatments for human disease. Although humans naturally have five classes of antibodies (IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM) as components of their immune system, all of the therapeutic antibodies currently in use are IgG based.

IgM antibodies have 10 binding units (shaded in yellow above) to their immune system target, as opposed to 2 binding units for an IgG antibody. This greater number of binding units results in far greater binding power (avidity) to a cell surface target for an IgM antibody, as compared with a comparable IgG antibody.

This greater number of binding units also allows IgM antibodies to bind more cell surface targets in close proximity, which can create greatly increased biological signaling.

Since 2010, IGM has been exclusively focused on the research, development and production of IgM and IgA antibodies. Our innovations have made us the global leaders in the development of IgM antibodies for therapeutic applications.

We are dedicated to developing and utilizing the inherent advantages of IgM and IgA antibodies where those advantages can deliver superior clinical performance, as compared with IgG antibodies.

IGM is a well-funded private company with a team of approximately 30 scientists at our headquarters in Mountain View, California. We are growing quickly, and we are looking to add motivated individuals who will be as passionate about our mission as we are.  Join Us.


Our advances in protein engineering have enabled us to develop a broad range of IgM antibodies, including:

  • Bispecific T cell directed cellular cytotoxic antibodies (TDCC)
  • Cross-linking immuno-oncology agonist antibodies
  • Bispecific immune stimulating  antibodies

In order to make therapeutic IgM antibodies possible, we have also developed novel expression and manufacturing technology. This knowledge, expertise and intellectual property is essential to the successful development of J chain containing antibodies (IgM and IgA).

Advantages of IgM Antibodies

The inherent biological advantages of IgM antibodies include:

  • Stronger binding to low expression cell surface targets
  • Stronger binding to difficult targets, such as carbohydrates and glycosylated proteins
  • Greater ability to cross-link cell surface receptors for increased cellular signaling
  • Significantly enhanced complement dependent cytotoxicity (CDC)

Our bi-specific antibodies provide:

  • Unmatched ability to bind to low expression or difficult targets (10 binding units)
  • Safer T cell directed cellular cytotoxicity (TDCC) through reduced cytokine release

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Target/Application Discovery Preclinical Phase 1

CD20 x CD3

NHL and Other B Cell Proliferative Diseases


Death Receptor 5 (DR5)

Solid and Liquid Tumors


PD-L1 x Immune Stimulatory Agent

Solid and Liquid Tumors



Solid and Liquid Tumors



Solid and Liquid Tumors



Intellectual Property

We have developed a broad intellectual property portfolio with respect to IgM and IgA antibodies, including granted patents, patent applications and trade secrets.

Management Team

Our management team is composed of antibody industry veterans, all of whom have decades of experience and the drive to create a ground-breaking biotech company.